Investor Services

With the market on the upswing, CBC SC understands the weight that comes with commercial real estate investments.

Our professional goal is to see to it that our clients make the most informed decisions by providing the best investment match possible. The investment specialists at CBC SC have years of experience in matching clients with investment entities, seeing to it that they receive the most return on investment possible.

Valuation and Advisory Services

With a skilled professional base to work with, clients can rest assured that our valuations are accurate and reliable. Not only are our brokers skilled in investment properties, they have the local market expertise necessary to assist our clients in making the best choices possible.

Coldwell Banker Commercial also has a network of commercial real estate professionals that span far outside the reaches of Southern California. As one of the largest commercial investment companies the world over, we have access to markets both domestically and internationally. This allows us to respond to client assignments with confidence wherever a given asset may be located.

Asset Acquisitions

By constantly monitoring local market conditions, we have been able to maintain a widespread investor base, including local, national, and offshore entities as well as public and private sector investors, users, and developers.

Feel free to contact us anytime to see how CBC SC can add value to your investment portfolio.