Coldwell Banker Commercial Sudweeks Group provides the resources necessary to transact with maximum efficiency through cutting-edge technology and real-time information. This allows our clientele to make informed, strategic decisions, maximizing their return on investment.

Our professionals possess the experience, network, and local market knowledge to provide successful results. Our brokers specialize in all sectors of commercial real estate and have a proven track record with a devotion to client satisfaction.

Landlord Services-Owner

We take pride in forming effective, long-term business relationships with emphases on hard work, loyalty, trustworthiness, and a client-first corporate outlook.

Landlord-Focused Leasing

The first step in commercial real estate leasing is being able to identify with our clients. We take the steps necessary to understand client needs and desires. Through this understanding, we are able to devise marketing and leasing strategies that produce results by mixing the best tenants with strong lease terms.

We always provide a strategic, creative and proactive leasing approach to your commercial real estate assets.

Landlord Representation and Sales

Commercial real estate property value is dependent on many variables including positioning and income generation. Our experience with marketing programs and leasing strategies puts us at the top of producing results in Southern California commercial real estate.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

The professionals at Coldwell Banker Commercial Sudweeks Group know that tenants are a necessary part of any commercial project success. Our firm has years of experience in effectively recruiting high-quality tenants for our landlords. We do this by understanding the needs of the property owner along with the potential lessee while executing a marketing program that fits both of their needs.

It can be an uncomfortable experience to be left in the dark regarding a transaction, and we know that. For this reason, we believe in the importance of responsive, timely interactions with our clients, bringing them up to speed with new developments as they occur.

Condominium Sales and Conversion

Sometimes the best option for a multi-tenant property is to undergo a condominium conversion, separating one legal parcel into multiple legal parcels for filling. We have the experience necessary to assist our clients with a property evaluation to see if a condominium conversion is the best option for asset disposition.