We make every effort to help you avoid a foreclosure and to achieve the best possible sale, refinance or recapitalization for your commercial property.

It is critical to begin a constructive dialog with the lender to prevent the lender from commencing a foreclosure action. However, even if your mortgage is far along in the foreclosure process, it may not be too late for us to negotiate a Standstill Agreement, which puts the legal process on hold while we negotiate a loan workout plan. With limited options of refinancing properties in today’s constrictive lending market, a loan workout is becoming commonplace. We have found that banks, already under considerable pressure to limit their non-performing assets, are increasingly willing to offer a loan modification and significant concessions. Contact us today and we’ll help you avoid foreclosure.

We understand the issues affecting the cash flow and value of all types of commercial properties and we can effectively and unemotionally articulate these issues in a language that lenders understand and appreciate.