Chelsey Hayden

Sales associate

Chelsey specializes in the development of apartment complexes and the revisioning of underutilized properties. She works closely with the Green Building Council and state officials to ensure her clients’ development meets the demands of the local community and is granted maximum funding from state programs. As part of an experienced development team, Chelsey vigorously researches every aspect of a development to make sure the final product is relevant, built with a low carbon output and earns at its highest potential.

As a previous spokesperson for San Diego Zoo Global, Chelsey was granted access to rural villages across the globe to research the systems local leaders use to solve specific community issues. Alongside National Geographic, she was also able to interview monk Phra Paisal Visalo while living and training at his monastery. Her unique research allows her to create efficient yet resilient systems that clarify her clients goals, protect them from avoidable risks and leads their team to success.

Contact Information:
Cell Phone Number: 203-415-3970
Email Address: [email protected]
CalDre: 02075900