Property & Asset Management

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Coldwell Banker Commercial SC boasts an Asset Management Division that offers boutique-style property management with technologically advanced global resources. This affords us the opportunity to work with our clients on an individualized basis, providing the quality that Coldwell Banker Commercial is known for internationally.

CBC SC’s property management offering spans throughout Southern California with office locations in San Diego, Temecula, and Redlands.

Commercial Asset Management

Our Asset Management Division offers full-service, boutique-style property management customized specifically to diverse client needs. Our team members have managed over three million square feet of real estate and have over 20 years of property management experience, specializing in the management of both commercial and condominium associations. Our portfolio includes industrial, office, retail, mixed-use, medical, and commercial condo associations.

Condominium Associations

In addition to regular commercial properties, our property management portfolio consists of several commercial and medical condominium associations.  As a member of the California Association of Community Managers (CCAM), the Asset Management team is experienced and knowledgeable in the particulars that come with each Association.  Our team will produce financial packages, conduct meetings, and adopt policies in accordance with the association’s governing documents in addition to meeting the rest of your property management needs.


Our experienced leasing agents represent both property owners and tenants. Coldwell Banker Commercial has one of the largest networks of leasing and sales agents in Southern California, across the nation, and beyond.  To provide optimal results, CBC agents tailor their services to each clients’ individual leasing and marketing needs.


The CBC Property Accounting team employs a prompt, accurate, and proactive approach to property management. The team is well-versed in commercial and association accounting responsibilities, utilizing the latest software programs providing a seamless integration with property management reporting.

Property Inspections

Property inspections are an important aspect of any asset services offering. We proactively conduct routine interior and exterior inspections of our clients’ properties in accordance with the terms of the management agreement. During the inspections Management notes preventative maintenance items and observes vendor performance, adjust accordingly to preserve the daily functions and property aesthetics.

Work Orders

It is our policy to provide prompt response to all work order requests. We also take pride in tracking and producing owner reports while taking the proper steps to make sure all of our vendors are licensed and insured. By doing this, we ensure the safety of tenants and preserve the property condition.

Construction and Project Management

CBC Sudweek’s Group possesses a robust construction and project management offering with years of relevant, experienced backing. We employ an advanced project management system to keep each project running smoothly, regardless of size.

With two generations of commercial property development experience, the team at CBC SC is able to offer strategic guidance to clients.